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Rated #1 Pest Control Company in Pittsburgh PA

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Rated The Best Pest Extermination Service Contractors For Your Project Help

A number of local pest management contractors are not above stretching the truth to gain new business, stating that they are dependable and trustworthy, even though they aren’t. Overcharging is rampant in the construction industry, and shady contractors often pad their expenses to increase their profits. To protect your interests – and your bank account – carry out a full background check on any pest control in Pittsburgh PA you are thinking of hiring. Review these practical guidelines to guarantee that you find a popular contractor in the Pittsburgh area.
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Be certain that you investigate any pest management contractor you’re hiring thoroughly; this is critical. The pest control service provider should also have the opportunity to guarantee that they could do the work on time and that they’ll do it within the budget you agreed upon. You also need to request updates consistently. You should not hire a contractor who doesn’t have a portfolio of jobs already completed.

Quality Pest Control Solutions

Each community has general rules that need to be followed. As you’re interviewing a pest control company in Pittsburgh, attempt to ascertain how much they learn about the rules and regulations that apply to their business. If your contractor is conscious of the different requirements in your community, they’re going to have more confidence and be in the position to complete the job on a faster time frame than someone who just isn’t. To measure your pest control expert’s problem solving skills, present a few challenges and possible scenarios.

  • It shouldn’t come as a surprise that summer is a pest management contractor’s busiest season. When you have a project you’d like completed during the summer, take great care when working with a contractor. Be aware that contractors handle extra work during the summer months, and fairly often overload their schedules. See to it you are conscious of their availability, so that you understand what to expect in terms of how committed they will probably be.
  • It could possibly be harder than you think to find a reliable pest management contractor. Ask friends, family and co-workers for contractor recommendations. Another way to find a great contractor is to go to local business networking events and request referrals. Remember that interviewing more contractors means that you have a wider pool to select from and are more likely to find a reliable one.

Take a minimum of three different bids from pest management contractors. The lowest bid isn’t needed the very best, so don’t automatically accept it. You will generally receive better quality work from a far more expensive contractor. The pest control service provider should also be ready to show you a break down of each and every cost estimate.

Jul 06

Combating Fleas in the Pittsburgh Area

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How do you combat fleas using household supplies

There are a lot of ways to do this. Household supplies aren’t going to be the most strong or effective method of preventing fleas however one way that is kind of interesting and it you almost kind of need to try is if you have a flea infestation at home, take a small pan, cat litter pan, a cooking pan works if you have to, just have to have enough water to basically float like a tea tree, tea light in. Ok unfortunately I can’t light any candles or anything in this building do to a fire alarms and things like that but, imagine this is a little candle ok. And we are going to take that candle and you are going to float it in the water ok and light it and then you are going to take some hand soap or dish soap whatever. And you are going to put that in the water as well. Shouldn’t need a lot and just mix it up a little bit. We are not looking for a lot of soapy suds or anything but, what that water, what that soap does is it does something to the surface tension and it helps capture the fleas. So what happens is you put this out in your living room at night and the fleas see the light from the tea light and they leap into the pan to get to the light. Into the warmth of the light assuming that it’s a animal that they can prey on. And it’s not, they lay in the water and the soap helps hold them in the water and they drown. So it’s kind of, and in the morning you take that and you dump it out and you do it again the next night. Not really the best way to help fight fleas but it is kind of a neat little thing to do and it can help in it’s own way. Again also the other thing that can be done is doing our little spritz with the basically lemon tea. We are going to take some lemons, six or eight lemons cut them up, you are going to boil them in hot water and then you are going to let them sit overnight. The lemons in the water over night and let it cool down and then you’ll take that water,you’ll pour it out, steeping the lemons out, basically you have lemon tea after it, practically. Put it into a little spritzer and you can spritz areas with this lemon mixture to help repel and combat fleas as they do not like the taste of lemon or the smell of lemon scent either. If you need expert pest control Pittsburgh contact us today.
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Jul 06

How to Treat Carpenter Ants

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When a carpenter ant nest is located in a wall void, you’ll need to open up the wall before applying a foam or dust product. There are two ways to open a wall for treatment. The first way is to cut away pieces of sheet rock. The second way is to drill holes through the sheet rock into the infested areas. Holes should be ⅛” inch wide and extend 2 to 6 feet on either side of where the ants are entering. This will increase your chances of directly contacting the nest and queen. For small areas, choose a ready-to-use foam product that comes with a small flexible hose and nozzle for quick and easy application. For larger jobs, a foaming agent AND foaming device will be needed to apply the foam. Non-repellent foams work more slowly than dusts, but offer the benefit of expanding in the void to cover a larger area. An additional benefit of the non-repellent foams is how the active ingredient is spread through social interaction to eliminate the entire colony. For dust treatments, be sure to choose a product labeled for carpenter ant control. You will need a hand duster to apply the dust. Insert the tip of the filled duster into the drilled holes and apply evenly. Dust will cause the ants to die faster than with foam, but you may need to drill more holes or open the wall more to make sure you are getting even coverage. And it’s that easy with the expert help from
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Signs of Termite Infestations

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Pest Controller Pittsburgh we are talking about how to detect signs that you have termites in your home. Best thing to look for would be on your drywall, you look for bubbling or any paint flicking off the walls, after the paint has flaked off if you can tear behind that you’ll actually see a salt and pepper, and the paper will be missing in between the paint and the sheet rock. The other sign is on your baseboards,you want to look for any honeycombing or you can put your finger and you’d actually indent or the baseboard will be very weak. Another sign is shelter tubes, they will actually build shelter tubes up your foundation or in the garage, around the footings of the foundation, they will actually build shelter tubes up and it will go into your wood and eat your home. Another sign to find out if you have termites is most people do discover they have termites when they are doing a remodel or tearing down their walls. Most termites have been working in the walls for a minimum of two years before any termite damage is discovered. There is you know a few signs to look for. But a lot of times they have already done quite a bit of damage when they are discovered in remodel or reconstruction.
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Jul 06

Bed Bug Treatment in Pittsburgh PA

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How you can get rid of bed bugs in just 4 easy steps

This is a proven, professional-strength treatment process that stops the biting from the very first night. Let’s get started.

First, you need to stop bed bugs from reaching you in your bed.

Your mattress, box spring, and bed frame are the most common hiding places for bed bugs so it’s the best place for you to start your treatment. Begin by stripping off your bedding from the mattress and bagging them in sealed garbage bags to prevent bed bugs from escaping and infesting other parts of your home. Take the bags directly to your washing machine, carefully unload your bedding directly inside, taking care to reseal the bags, and wash using the hot water setting. Once that’s done, dry the bedding on the high heat setting if possible. This will kill any bed bugs and eggs hiding in your sheets and covers.
professional bug exterminator and pest inspection
While your laundry cycle is running, remove your mattress and box spring from the bed frame, then use a vacuum to remove any bed bugs, shells, fecal droppings, or eggs that may be present along the seams and folds of your bed. While you could use most regular vacuums for this step, the preferred weapon of choice is a sealed HEPA PCO vacuum. These are designed specifically to collect bed bugs and their eggs into a sealed HEPA filter so that nothing gets out.

After you’re done going over the bed with a vacuum, you should follow up with a steamer. While the vacuum may have done a good job covering the surfaces of your bed, only a steamer can effectively penetrate deep inside your mattress, box spring, bed frame, headboard, and foot board to kill bed bugs and eggs hiding inside. Use the included cloth attachment to break up the moisture expelled and steam slowly all over your bed, paying close attention to seams and folds.

Track Bed Bugs where they Hide

Once your bed has been steamed and left to dry, spray the joints of the bed frame, headboard, and foot board with a contact spray like STERI-FAB. This will kill bed bugs quickly and then evaporate, leaving no residual protection, so follow up with a residual spray to fill those cracks and crevices with a residue that will kill bed bugs for several weeks.

After your bed has been fully treated and left to dry, use sealed and certified bed bug proof mattress encasements and box spring encasements, like these SafeRests, to protect and seal off your bed. These will prevent bed bugs from entering or escaping your mattress, reducing the potential hiding places that they can reside in. Once your encasements have been applied, you can put the mattress and box spring back on your treated bed frame, and put your clean and bed bug free bedding back on your bed.

In step 1, you treated your bed inside and out and made sure that bed bugs stay out of your mattress. However, bed bugs aren’t just hiding in your bed. They’re also likely in your furniture, your closet, even your walls or floors -anywhere close enough for them to detect the carbon dioxide and body heat that you emit in your sleep.

So the second step is to stop any bed bugs from climbing back into your bed looking for a meal. Let’s start by isolating our bed from other points of contact. Bed bugs can’t jump or fly,so they have to crawl up something to reach you. If your bed has hanging skirts, let’s tuck those in or remove them. You should also remove any unnecessary pillows, and any storage underneath the bed. And don’t forget to move your bed away from the wall. Now that you’ve isolated the bed, the only way bed bugs can reach you while you sleep is by climbing up the legs. You can stop them by placing ClimbUp Interceptors under each leg. As bed bugs attempt to get to you, they will climb up the edge of the Interceptor and then fall into this pitfall where they can’t escape. With these traps in place, you can stop bed bugs from reaching you in your bed and monitor their population over time without being bitten. This is a critical part of the treatment, as you’re cutting off the infestation’s food supply and inhibiting their reproduction and growth. Treating, encasing, isolating, and intercepting your bed does two important things:it creates a safe haven for you that bed bugs can’t reach,and it allows you to act as a lure to bring bed bugs out from their hiding places and into the sprays and powders that will be applied in step 4. If you need any help in treating pests or bed bugs in Pittsburgh just give us a call

Now that the bed is secure, you can move on to the common bed bug hiding places. Bed bugs are also found in your clothes,your furniture, walls, and floors. In this third step, we’re going to hit the bugs where they’re hiding. First, remove any unnecessary clutter in the room. Things like clothes, shoes, and books give bed bugs a place to hide and makes treatment harder. Launder what you can in a dryer for at least 45 minutes using high heat settings, if possible. Many personal belongings can’t be laundered or steamed, like books, papers, luggage, shoes,and dry-clean only clothing. These can be treated with a portable bed bug heater, like this ZappBug. This heater will deliver lethal heat without damaging its contents. Treat deep cracks and crevices along your baseboards, window sills, and furniture with a vacuum cleaner,then again with a high pressure steamer. Our bed bug steamers deliver steam that’s over 180 degrees, enough to kill bed bugs and their eggs instantly. Many of them, like this Zapamore, even have a steam adjustment knob that allows you to control the flow of your steam: low power for direct surface steaming or high power for deep penetration into walls and upholstered furniture. Remember to move the nozzle slowly, no more than about 1 inch per second, to ensure that all bed bugs are adequately exposed to the heat. By now, you’ve covered most of the room with various treatment methods. Now you just need to hit the bed bugs that you may have missed previously and set up a long-lasting defense to ensure that the infestation is finished off.

For our final step,you are going to use a combination of contact and residual sprays as well as a residual powder. First up are the contact sprays. These will kill bed bugs quickly but offer no long-lasting protection. With that in mind, you want to make sure that you hit bed bugs where they’re hiding, so spray along baseboards, below drawers, behind nightstands, and on the cushions of upholstered furniture like sofas and chairs. Resist the temptation to spray all over the place. Bed bugs don’t tend to hang around in open areas when they’re not feeding, so this won’t do you any good.

Instead, focus your spray on tight spaces throughout your room that bed bugs are likely to be hiding in. Next are the residual sprays. Residuals won’t kill as quickly as the contact sprays did,but they will be effective for much longer. Spray into cracks and crevices throughout the room, like in the corners of upholstered furniture, along baseboards, and along the edges of the carpet. Lastly, you want to use a residual powder for places that you couldn’t use your sprays. Using a professional powder applicator, you can apply powder into deep cracks and crevices throughout the room, such as under appliances, in door frames, and along cracks where the wall meets the floor. You can also puff some powder behind the face plates of electrical outlets and light switches.

To prevent any surviving bed bugs or eggs from repopulating the area, you’ll want to reapply your contact and residual sprays about two weeks after the initial treatment, then again two weeks after that, for a total of three applications. For the sake of convenience, we offer pre-packaged bed bug kits containing all the sprays and powders that you’ll need, along with a professional powder applicator, just like you see here. Regardless of what products you use, remember to always follow the product label and MSDS for safe and effective usage.

If you followed all 4 steps, including the follow-up treatments in the last step, you’ll be bed bug free now. To avoid future infestations, keep your bed encased, isolated,and intercepted, and use your portable heater to treat luggage after coming home from trips. The best part about this process is that you own all of the items used once the treatment is done. This ensures that you have all the prevention tools that you’ll need to keep bed bugs away for good. All of the products that you needfor this treatment process are available at Pest Controller Pittsburgh.

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Tips on Hiring the Best Pest Control Company

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Tips on Hiring the Best Pest Control Company

It’s very probable that pests have afflicted virtually every human being once in their lifetime and for some people controlling it is also impossible. Some people up to nowadays have pest problems and dealing with them becomes a great task. Pests believed of their jeopardy they have to be curbed and find a perfect measure to control them. There emerges pest control companies that are hired professionally when pests bugs you. Not all pest control companies give the best satisfaction to their customers based on the price and quality. Choosing also the best pest
control company to deal with for some consumers seems of more difficulty than dealing with pest presence. Here are some tips and guidelines that can enable you to choose the best pest control company you are thought of.
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  • Make sure the company is insured before you hire it. Ensuring whether the company stably insured to cover any risks that they make occur to your premises or during the treatment period is noble. Some companies didn’t insure and when it comes they are unable to treat and cover the damages that may occur to your premise, then the company quits. Besides that the company should be well licensed and registration certificates making them to operate. The issuing of those certificates must be from reliable, authorized and trustworthy boards. Also need for verification should be provided. You have heard of many cases with companies which operate freely with fiction documents.
  • The warranty. It’s common for any pest control to give out a guarantee. The guarantee given should of favor if at all is given to last for longer periods of time. Long term guarantees are preferred to be the best when dealing with pests. Knowing also the period the pests need to be controlled full enables you to hire a company that gives long guarantees to cover all that period used in controlling and what you need to do to keep the guarantee in force.
  • Obtaining references, recommendations from friends and neighbors about the best pest control services have used. Investigating out the best controlling services it offers before hiring is crucial also. Knowing the period of spraying they take whether monthly or yearly and the non-chemical methods they prefer to use provides basically from your friends prepares you well before you decide on hiring the control company. Ask them to recommend also on the best control companies they have used.
  • Research about how you should control the identified pests. Some are not sure and certain about the pest’s identity and therefore a need for research is required. These are urged to seek pest management professionals to access more information about the pests. You can also check on the links provided online to help you know more about the pests. These links may include the and The links are often provided with pest control professionals who are members of local associations.
  • Asking for inspection of the site from inspection companies. Though the company may charge some fee on the exercise, but it is advisable hire one for the inspection. They are capable of diagnosing the identification and the harm the pest is likely to create. In turn they discuss how control it and the best pesticide to be used to control it too. Safety measures and precautions are also provided in preventing against those pests.
  • The contract. Before you sign up the contract, ensure that you have understood the nature and certainty of the pest to be prevented and its infestation while dealing with them. The extent of the work done should be beard in mind.

Before hiring the control company, you should look first how deep your pocket is. Hire companies that give offers you
free inspection for pests and this makes less cost incurred in controlling the pests. These are the type of companies we are expecting you to consider hiring.


Don’t rush easily to decisions of hiring pest control companies before determining the best that can meet your expectations. If you are interested in finding the one that you think can give quality services, then the above tips can navigate you in choosing the right company you feel for. Pests need to be prevented and controlled immediate before the whole world turns against you. Hire one!

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