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There are many things to take into consideration
when selecting a pest control company.  Considering the fact that there are plenty of companies out there, customers normally find it challenging to make comparisons so as to pick the ideal firms. Having spent a significant  amount of time in the industry, we pride ourselves as the company to beat in pest control. As such, we ask both commercial and residential owners to save themselves the hustles and bustles of screening different firms because we are a qualified firm that has been
approved by many. This can be confirmed from the different reviews that our past customers have given in different review sites.

Best Preventive Guarantees

Here are some of the factors that have earned us a competitive edge over other companies:


‚ÄčOur service personnel are skilled and experienced. We never send inexperienced personnel and those who do not understand what our clients require. In that case, you need not worry about how you will guide our
service men and women since they already know what is required. On arrival at the ground, we carry out basic study of the problem prior to the determination of the control option.

All Pest Control

There is no substantive investment that a pest
control company can make than standing by its clients. We are not done with you until we receive feedback from you that the pests have been COMPLETELY eliminated.

100% Customer Satisfaction

We always ask our clients to give us reports on the progress of the pest control. You can always give us a call or send us an email about what you think. In case, the problem persists, our clients are free to ask for a revisit. We are a happy firm when our customers are happy.

The technicians from Pest Controller Pittsburgh are always friendly and on-time. The best thing though is they saved our home from being overrun by carpenter ants. Highly recommend them to anyone searching for a reliable pest control company.

Irene King

Why Chose Pest Control Pittsburgh?

PRICE: We cannot deny the fact that the process of eliminating pests is costly since the products used in this regard are rather expensive. Despite the high costs, we charge our clients reasonably. With us, we make arrangements that will ensure that you meet the costs of the services. For more information, contact us for guidance

SAFETY: Our pest control options are humane and it will ensure that your pets and members of your family stay safe. Preserving lives while getting rid of the nuisance is our goal and we shall never stop at nothing but the best. Our field personnel also offer safety precautions tips and ways in which danger can be reduced in case there is exposure to the chemicals.

We Kill the Most Bugs in a Single Visit

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Pest Controller Pittsburgh

The Bugs We Exterminate

professional bug exterminator and pest inspection
Pest Colonies Destroyed in 2015
Satisfied Clients Since 2001
% of Pests Killed on 1st Visit

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Our Services

We go beyond pest control...We Destroy Pests

We Offer the Following Pest Control in Pittsburgh PA:

We understand that our clients suffer different types and intensities of problems. As such, we apply different control methods in order to achieve the best result. Our tools of trade can eliminate pests of different sizes and shapes. Some of the options that we use include


We have a wide variety of no-kill and kill traps that will get rid of several types of pests in your home or business premises. Traps are normally used for smaller pest populations.


Spray is another common pest elimination method. It is ideal for control of several types of pests that can infest a place in large numbers.


Fumigation entails sealing structures and filling it with poisonous pesticides or gases. It is effective for eliminating insects in large areas. Our certification allows us to offer a full range of treatments

Best Preventive Pest Guaranty in Allegheny County


Pest Controller Pittsburgh guarantees that if during any given month your home or business experiences an infestation of inordinate pest problems despite giving Pest Controller repeated opportunities to manage such problems, you will be credited or refunded 100% of your last regular bi-monthly service fee until such problems are brought under control Click Here to Read Our Full Prevention Guarantee

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